Thursday, April 18, 2019
May your day be filled with good thoughts, kind people, and happy moments.
Sometimes... Just spending some quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need.
Never tolerate disrespect. The more chances you give someone the less respect they'll start to have for you. They'll begin to ignore the standards that you've set because they'll know another chance will always be given. They're not afraid...
Silence doesn't mean the person quits, it simply means that one doesn't want to argue with people who just don't want to understand.
My life. My choices. My problems. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. Mind your own problems before you talk about mine. My life is not your story to tell.
The older you get, the more quiet you become. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you've wasted time on.
Search for a beautiful heart. Not necessarily a beautiful face. Beautiful people are not always good. But good people are always beautiful.
Speak only when you feel your words are better than the silence.



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