Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing. That’s what they need. - Najwa Zebian
YOUR DREAMSLife goals Countries you would like to visit Things you would like to do Stories you would like to write about Adventures you would like to live Dreams for the future Where you would like to live ...
Surround yourself with people who push you to do better and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Just bringing out the absolute best in...
1. Stop expecting them to live based on “Your Standards”. 2. Stop expecting them to agree on everything you said. 3. Stop expecting them to be perfect. 4. Stop expecting them to read your mind. 5. Stop expecting them to understand you. 6. Stop...
Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy you.
Be careful what you say to someone today. Tomorrow they might not be here, and you can never take it back.
Love is nothing without action. Trust is nothing without proof. And sorry is nothing without change.
People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won't be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.
We don't always have to agree with one another, but it's important that we learn to respect each other.