The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. ~ Bobby Knight
Somewhere out there someone is facing a harder battle than you are. Be thankful for your life and your blessings. ~ Anonymous
A thankful attitude releases so much joy in your life. Wherever you go, give thanks to God! ~ Anonymous
A lack of love is the cause for most problems in life, when love is missing, nothing can flourish, only pain thrives. ~ Leon Brown
The distance between who I am and who I want to be is separated only by my actions and words. ~ Anonymous
I am strong, because I've been weak. I am fearless, because I've been afraid. I am wise, because I've been foolish. ~ Anonymous
I'm old school. I believe in having good manners, respecting my elders and helping others when I can. ~ Anonymous
Keep your goals out of reach, but not out of sight. ~ Anonymous
A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. ~ Anonymous