Life will only come around once. So do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile.
Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they're the ones that take you to the best places.
Keep going, and don't worry about your speed. You're making progress, even if it doesn't seem like it. Forward is forward, no matter how slow. - Lori Deschene
Good things come to those Who BELIEVE. Better things come to those who are PATIENT, and the BEST things come to those who DON'T GIVE UP.
I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, you'll see God open up new doors.
I no longer look for the good in people, I search for the real... because while good is often dressed in fake clothing, real is naked and proud no matter the scars. - Chishala Lishomwa
The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.
People with good intentions make promises, but people with good character keep them.
The greatest gifts you can give someone are your time, your love, and your attention.