7 Valuable advice from older women to all younger women

1. Don’t waste too much time on people who don’t cherish you. Learn to love yourself. Flowers are perishable but self-love is not.

2. No is a complete sentence. You don’t have to justify every decision you make and ask for others’ approval.

3. Read and travel more to feed your soul. Keep in mind that beauty will fade but wisdom will stay.

4. Celebrate all your achievements and failures. It is the ups and downs that prove you’ve truly lived.

5. Stop comparing yourself with other girls. There will always be someone smarter or prettier than you. But your value doesn’t decrease just because someone is unable to see your uniqueness.

6. Think long and hard before you say “I do”.

7. Stop to admire the little things in life no matter how busy you’re. Always work to live, not live to work.

© Author: Ricky Tang Via: Lifehack