Friday, June 5, 2020
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We don't always have to agree with one another, but it is important that we learn to respect each other.
It's not embarrassing to leave a toxic relationship. It's embarrassing to stay in a toxic relationship. Do what is best for you, regardless of what anyone thinks. - Tony Gaskins
I never cared about the material things someone could give me. I care about time, attention, honesty, loyalty, and effort. Those gifts mean more to me than anything money could buy.
Spend your time on those who love you unconditionally. Don't waste it on those who only love you when the conditions are right for them.
Before you commit to loving someone, make effort to understand their heart, make effort to understand their soul, be open to seeing even their darkest corners, without prejudice. If you have understood, accepted and loved their heart and soul,...
You can meet somebody tomorrow who has better intentions for you than someone you've known forever. Time means nothing, character does.
The sad truth is so many people are in love and not together & so many people are together and not in love.
People have to pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did to you.
Never forget the people who take time out of their busy schedule to check up on you.