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People of accomplishment rarely sat back & let things happen to them. They went out & happened to things. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Miracles rarely happen overnight, they take time, & if you are patient, the pain that surrounds will one day disperse. ~ Anonymous
The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. ~ Chinese Proverb
When you trust God to fulfill the promises He's given you, all the forces of darkness cannot stop God from bringing your dreams to pass. ~ Anonymous
Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator. ~ Yogi Berra
We all have those days when we don't know who we are anymore. We can find ourselves by first knowing that we are God's children. ~ Anonymous
No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. ~ Anonymous
Remember that your presence is a present. If someone doesn't appreciate it, find someone who will. ~ Anonymous
When you follow the dream in your heart, you're energised, inspired, & motivated. ~ Dr. John F. Demartini