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1. Spend more time with interesting people. 2. Do whatever you are passionate about. 3. Get rid of the things you don't like. 4. Do something new you'd never dream of doing. 5. Share your secret stories to your friends. 6. Say "yes" to...
Have the maturity to know sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word. - Thema Davis
1. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.2. Every day brings new choices.3. You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.4. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.5. When you...
I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.
Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing. That’s what they need. - Najwa Zebian