Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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Legend says, when you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream. ~ Anonymous
If you do a good deed for other people, you end up healing yourself too. because a dose of love is the best spiritual cure. ~ Anonymous
takes a second to say 'Love'. takes a lifetime to prove it. ~ Anonymous
Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule, but love the people who never look at their schedule when you need them. ~ Anonymous
Where there is love there is life. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you & encourages your future. ~ Anonymous
Don't waste your life trying to impress other people. do what you love, love what you do. ~ Anonymous
Show her you love her when you have her, not when she finds someone better because you didn't treat her right. ~ Anonymous
There is always someone who loves you more than you know. ~ Anonymous