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12 things to always remember, 1. The past cannot be changed. 2. Opinions don't define your reality. 3. Everyone's journey is different. 4. Things always get better with time. 5. Judgements are a confession of character. 6. Overthinking will...
To get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you revisit it, analyze it, regret it, or sweat it, it's over. It can hurt you no more. -...
Easy to judge mistakes of others. Difficult is to recognize your own mistakes.
Your past is just a story, And once you realize this, it has no power over you.
In Life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you and some will teach you lessons.
Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light. - Barbara Marciniak
The worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.
If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative. Know when to close the account.
As we get older, we don't lose friends. We just find out who the real ones are.