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Winning as a team is better than anything. It's great to share success. ~ Jim Harbaugh
It takes great courage to stand and fight for something, but sometimes it can take even more courage to walk away and leave things behind. ~ Anonymous
Your destiny is too great, your assignment too important, your time too valuable. Do not let fear intimidate you. ~ Joel Osteen
Only by great risks can great results be achieved. ~ Xerxes
I am not as good as i want to be, as great as one day i will be, but thanks to God i am so much better than i used to be. ~ Anonymous
When our motivation is greater than our fear, it is amazing what we can achieve. ~ Anonymous
Not all of us can do great things. but we can do small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. ~ Anonymous
The only way to do great work is to love what you do. ~ Steve Jobs