Monday, September 21, 2020
Beautiful has nothing to do with looks. It has everything to do with how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. ~ Anonymous
When you start focusing on a loving God who's given everything and stop focusing on what seems to be going wrong, you will see breakthrough. ~ Anonymous
Sometimes all it takes is one small prayer to change someone's life.
When doubts start to creep in, take a moment to pray. ~ Anonymous
Thank you God, not only for all the blessings, but for the frustrations which have helped me become a better person.
Don't think of the things you didn't get after praying. Think of the countless blessings God gave you without asking. ~ Anonymous
The fastest thing on Earth is prayer because it reaches God before you even speak the words. ~ Anonymous
No matter where life takes you, keep GOD first and you won't go wrong.