Friday, July 19, 2019
Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally. Don't waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them. ~ Anonymous
Never play with someone's feelings just because you're unsure of your own. ~ Anonymous
Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule; but, love people who never look at their schedule when you need them. ~ Anonymous
You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely. ~ Anonymous
Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. ~ Anonymous
LOVE is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.
Someone who is worthy of your love will never put you in a situation where you feel you must sacrifice your dignity, your integrity, or your self-worth to be with them. ~ Anonymous
Drop envy and jealousy, otherwise there is no possibility , because love cannot exist where envy and jealousies exist. ~ Osho



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