1. My dreams are happening now
2. Opportunity comes easily to me
3. I excel in everything I do
4. I live a positive life
5. I only attract the best situations
6. I choose happiness and abundance
7. I can reach any goal
8. Success is always knocking at my door, I must simply open up to it
9. I have the courage I need to succeed
10. I accomplish anything I set my mind to
11. I have amazing determination
12. I never give up
13. I am rich in relationships, wealth and love
14. I have all I need to succeed
15. I am ready to accept my dreams as reality
16. I am confident in my abilities
17. Today is going to be my best day
18. I believe I am worthy of my desires and dreams
19. I attract people and resources that I need and that belong in my life
20. I am grateful for the success and experiences I have

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